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Greek Grudge Match Prelude (Part 2: Berserker) :iconredhavic:redhavic 7 1
Mature content
Greek Grudge Match Prelude (Part 1: Kratos) :iconredhavic:redhavic 8 1
Poster 62 by redhavic Poster 62 :iconredhavic:redhavic 12 10 Poster 61 by redhavic Poster 61 :iconredhavic:redhavic 7 4 Poster 60 by redhavic Poster 60 :iconredhavic:redhavic 4 1 Poster 59 by redhavic Poster 59 :iconredhavic:redhavic 4 11 Poster 58 by redhavic Poster 58 :iconredhavic:redhavic 17 4
Fate/Crossing: Berserker of Chaos/Zarc

True Name: Zarc
Titles: Dragon King of the 4 Dimensions.
Gender: Male
Other Qualifying Classes: Rider.
Alightment: Chaotic Evil
Relic for Summoning: The 4 Dimensional Dragons cards.
Weapons: His Duel Disk and the cards he holds.
Strength: E (A++)
Agility: B+++
Edurance E (A++)
Mana: A
Luck: C+ (Hey, would you call getting beaten by the same trick twice, and having a part of yourself be what kills you, lucky?)
Class Skills
Madness Enhancement (A+) :This ability may only occur once Berserker achieves his true, becoming s dragon of destruction and hatred, fueled by battle. And yet, it does little to degrade his skills as a Duelist. 
Magic Resistance E (EX): This skill may seem odd to include on Berserker at first, but it will make much more sense once he ascends to his true form.
Personal Skills
Double Summon: (B+++) Allows Berserker both the skills of Madness Enhancement and Magic Resistance
Master of the 4 Summons (A+): In conjunctio
:iconredhavic:redhavic 7 9
Poster 58 by redhavic Poster 58 :iconredhavic:redhavic 9 3 Poster 57 by redhavic Poster 57 :iconredhavic:redhavic 32 8
Turles plants the Tree of Might in DB

First Appearance: Dragon Ball Z Movie 3: Tree of Might. 
Species: Saiyan
- ~Was the first Goku Black before it bevame a thing~
- One of the few Saiyans to survive the extinction of his race.
- Recruited a gang of misfits as he went around the universe, destroying planets with the Tree of Might.
- Easily able to to beat Piccolo and Base Goku at their Saiyan Saga state, even without eating fruit from the Tree of Might.
-After eating said fruit, proved capable of beating Goku, even at Kaioken X10, then the rest of the Z-Fighters after that.
-Was brought back by Doctor Raichi's Grudge Machine.
-Joined up with Towa's and Mira's Timebreakers in Xenoverse 2.
- In TFS canon, hates Christmas with a burning passion.
-Easily able to beat Piccolo, someone as strong as both Cui and Vegeta during the Saiyan Saga.
 -Abe to drive back Goku's attacks at base level.
-Utterly stomps Goku Kaiokenx10 after eating the Fruit.
-As a Ghos
:iconredhavic:redhavic 18 5
Poster 56 by redhavic Poster 56 :iconredhavic:redhavic 16 1
Mature content
Woven by Symbiosis Part 2! :iconredhavic:redhavic 19 6
Prelude: Killers of the Fourth Era
Mecha: Persona 4 and JoJo Part 4. In both their numbering in their franchises,  their plots and characters, these two mediums have shared similarities between each other. As such, a battle between their main antagonists was only a matter of time!
Ruby: Tohru Adachi, the culprit behind the Inaba murders and serial kidnappings.
Grimlock: And Kira Yoshikage, the Killer Queen who wants a quiet life....wait, where Virgil?
Mecha: I don't know. He said he was getting something from-
(Sounds of a struggle and muffled screams wss heard outside the booth)
Mecha: What in the world?!
Ruby: Oh, Oum, is that Marcus?!
Marcus's voice: HELP, I'VE BERN KIDNAPPED-
Virgil: Cut to commercial, CUT TO COMMERCIAL-
Tohru Adachi
AKA: The Egocentric Police Dick
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139 lbs
Arcana: The Jester
First Appearance: Persona 4 (2008)
 Marcus: I still don't get why I'm here o-o, I'm just an intern!
 Virgil: Look, it was
:iconredhavic:redhavic 15 19
Poster 55 by redhavic Poster 55 :iconredhavic:redhavic 12 0 Poster 54 by redhavic Poster 54 :iconredhavic:redhavic 11 1


TG-beautiful sorceress transforms guy with MR PINK by kyo-domesticfucker TG-beautiful sorceress transforms guy with MR PINK :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 35 0 Alter-Ego TG - from Janus to Janice by kyo-domesticfucker Alter-Ego TG - from Janus to Janice :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 139 1 TG - you will be a beautiful clone 2 by kyo-domesticfucker TG - you will be a beautiful clone 2 :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 84 0 TG - you will be a beautiful clone 1 by kyo-domesticfucker TG - you will be a beautiful clone 1 :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 80 0 TG - lucy heartfilia and natsu dragneel by kyo-domesticfucker
Mature content
TG - lucy heartfilia and natsu dragneel :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 106 1
Body Suit Commission- Wonder Woman by kyo-domesticfucker Body Suit Commission- Wonder Woman :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 71 1 Body Suit Commission- Mary Jane Watson by kyo-domesticfucker Body Suit Commission- Mary Jane Watson :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 56 0 Body Suit Commission- Aqua From Kingdom Hearts by kyo-domesticfucker Body Suit Commission- Aqua From Kingdom Hearts :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 56 0 Kamata-kun by TheOmegaGod Kamata-kun :icontheomegagod:TheOmegaGod 7 1 Celesteela by TheOmegaGod Celesteela :icontheomegagod:TheOmegaGod 50 3 Bloomenkranz by TheOmegaGod Bloomenkranz :icontheomegagod:TheOmegaGod 16 5 Buzzwole by TheOmegaGod Buzzwole :icontheomegagod:TheOmegaGod 62 6 Fate Stay Night - Saber / King Arthur by yanimator Fate Stay Night - Saber / King Arthur :iconyanimator:yanimator 602 16 Qrow And Tai by LongSean22 Qrow And Tai :iconlongsean22:LongSean22 182 64 Dragons... by Tkeio Dragons... :icontkeio:Tkeio 206 5 Fairy Tail - Flying With Lucy by Gairon Fairy Tail - Flying With Lucy :icongairon:Gairon 277 11



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8’3 (253 cm)

685 lbs (311 kg)

Origin: Greece

Owner of the legendary Bersercar

Mecha: The Holy Grail War: a timely tradition in Fuyuki City where mages from across the world compete in a tournament with 7 masters and 7 servants, those representing figures from across myth, history or even religion, to win the ultimate prize: A singular omnipotent wish from the original Holy Grail.

Ruby:.. Didn't Monty Python already find it?

Virgil: Wow. She made the ref before I did. That's a record.

David: Tch. You win this round Riding Hood… but someday I’ll beat you!

Diana: Just… stop… Anyway it’s a powerful wish that would no doubt transcend time and space and possibly even reality. As long as you win you will be granted your wish with no doubt. So it’s understandable why everyone would be fighting so harshly for it.

David: After all only 7 can participate and you better do you best with whatever class you end up.

Grimlock: In this case, within fifth generation of Murder Death Kill, we get a duo of Grey Hulk Heracles and psycho loli Snow White.

Virgil:... You know, I would correct you, but honestly, that's probably the most accurate description for the two.

Ruby: Illyasviel von Einzbern and Berserker proved to be one of the more deadly pair in every iteration of the fifth Grail  War. Pretty much overpowering every other Servant, sans Meanie Gil.

Mecha: Sadly, these two never really caught a break in most cases. The original had Berserker die out to Archer by UBW, the UBW version had Illya’s heart ripped out, after suffering blindness, and Heracles losing, despite even overcoming the chains of Enkidu. There's also that magical girl anime version of them, but we don't talk about that version.

David: Oh come ooon, that’s like the best part about it!

Ruby:.. Di, slap him.

Diana: (slaps him hard enough to leave an indent on the wall)

Ruby: Thank you.

Diana: I’ve been meaning to do that.

David: Ah...  How cruel.

Stats by hakuxtemari

Strength: A+

Mana: A

Endurance: A

Agility: A

Luck: B

N. Phantasm: A


Mad Enhancement – B

*Raises power in exchange for sanity

*Loses most sanity at rank B

(This was surprisingly in tune to the opening of Eaten Up Inside - Hakuboshi's Notes)
Superhuman Strength

*In his lore, held the sky

*The most physically imposing Servant

*Slammed Saber around like a ragdoll

*Could cut a mountain with his sword

*Broke through Enkidu Elish, which is designed to bind Gods

Superhuman Speed

*As quick as Saber, who could keep up with an F-15 Fighter Jet

*Speed ranges from Hypersonic to MHS

*In the VN, could dodge plenty of Gilgamesh’s thrown weapons

Superhuman Durability and Endurance

*Greatly helped by his stats

*Can fight as long as he has prana

*Can shrug off almost any attack


*Adapts to attacks, making it unlikely to kill him again

Expert Combatant

*Surprisingly observant for his name and appearance

*Incredibly agile, using quick movements as well as brute force

*In the Bad End, could overwhelm Saber and kill her

Diana: As you can see, he’s pretty damn strong. His attacks was said to be capable of cutting through a mountain.

Virgil: And let's not forget how the guy manages to rough up the first Saberfu. Then again-

Mecha: If you say Shirou does the same thing-

Virgil: What? Hell no! Shirin 4 life, son!

David: My man!

Diana: You shippers...

Mecha:... Riight.

Ruby: And despite looking rather bulky, Berserker is fast enough to keep with Saber, who could keep up with Berserker/Lancelot on a fighter jet.

Virgil: Hey Red look: something else faster than you.

Ruby: (puffs cheeks)

Diana: Come on don’t bully Ruby too much now.

David: Back to point, this is also the same guy who reacted to Gilgamesh and nearly overwhelmed him. Aka the same guy who caught an arrow, after said arrow bypassed his lightning bolt defense at the last second.

Diana: Ah yes. The lightning buff. How does an arrow even move faster than lightning? Oh right, fiction. But seriously, Berserker here is really really really hard to kill.

David: As long as he has prana, he will go through anything you use on him.

Grimlock: Assuming he doesn't adapt to what does kill him. Also assuming you can hit him in close quarters, something he even outdid Saber at… me Grimlock starting to like this guy.

Virgil: Of course you would. Both of you are Broken Game Mechanics personified.

David: Now now, we can make that Death Battle later. In the meantime let’s check his weapons! The awesome weapons of all characters.

Diana: Hopefully not as long...

Slab by hakuxtemari
Axe Sword

*Made of rock-flint

*Sturdy enough to go against Saber’s invisible sword

*Can shrug off blows from multiple Noble Phantasms

*Isn’t a Noble Phantasm itself

*At full Ascension, becomes a proper axe

David: It’s just an axe…. That’s about it.

Diana: Well it is a durable rock-flint that becomes an axe so it’s a very simple weapon.


Augeas the Earth Shatterer

*Berserker smashes the ground with his ax, causing it to tremble

*Spikes forge from its might, knocking down the enemy

Nemea Wails

*A single powerful double-hand swing

*Deals severe damage on contact
Gelonus Rampage by hakuxtemari
Gelonus’ Rampage

*Berserker grabs the foe and slams them about, ending it with a powerful stab to the ground

God Hand by hakuxtemari
God Hand - B

*Works akin to armor, nullification, and immunity

*So powerful it was considered foul play during the Age of Gods

*Any attack that has killed Berserker once will not work again

*12 lives before a game over

*Attacks B Rank and lower are useless
The Shooting Hundred Heads by hakuxtemari
Nine Lives: The Shooting Hundred Heads – C-A+

*Named from the slaying of the Hydra

*Attacks at such speeds that the slashes begin to overlap ontop of each other

*Designed as anti-unit (1 target) but can be upgraded to anti-army

That all by hakuxtemari
Personal Skills

Battle Continuation – A

*Ability to fight even when heavily damaged

*Remains alive as long as a fatal blow isn’t received

*Also raises chances to reach allied territory should he be defeated

Bravery – A+

*Lessens chance of being affected by mental influence

*At A+, increases melee damage

Divinity – A

*Ranks Godhood, bringing the wielder closer to the status as a Divine Spirit
t8Q8ux by hakuxtemari
Eye of the Mind (False) – B

*Natural ability to avoid danger akin to a 6th sense

*Ability to keep calm in the heat of battle

*Rank should be lower in reality due to Mad Enhancement

*Works akin to instinct for Berserker

*Won’t fall for feints

Mecha: Since Heracles was summoned as the Servant Class of Berserker, several abilities and techniques are granted to him, based on the various myths surrounding him. His most powerful and broken is of course, God Hand.

Mecha: No, not that one.

Virgil: See, it's the reason why he looks The Gray Hulk so much. Based around the infamous 12 Labors he did on life, God Hand lets the busier die and resurrect himself right after a total of 12 times. If beating the respawn of Jesus Christ wasn't broken enough, he literally becomes immune to whatever kills. So, we can add Doomsday to the list of things Berserker here copies.

Ruby: This ability is so broken, even the Gods of Olympus had to ban it it's use, when Heracles was still alive. That's certainly one way to give something a ‘Godlike Nerf’.

Grimlock:...Sakurai was a Greek God once?

David: But really it’s dangerously effective. Think about the phrase “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” only in this case, what kills him makes him stronger.

Diana: Add that with his capability to keep calm in battle and not fall for feints and have a sort of sixth sense… It’s hard to believe that this is a Berserker class we’re talking about. Oh, and he’s pretty divine too.

David: But do not forget his other techniques that focus on combat.

Mecha: With the Personal Skill of Battle Continuation, Berserker can kept on fighting despite the massive injuries he receives, usually from the likes of Noble Phantasms that can get past his rock like skin. And despite his class outright classifies him to be insane, Berserker's Bravery wards off the likes of mental interference, should anyone try to mess with his head.

Grimlock: He can hit the ground so hard, it makes spikes appear, and use a double handed swing of his axe for massive hurting. Then there's the attack where Berserker moves at high speeds, to the point his own slashes can pile on top of each other.  He got this one after beating the Hydra of myth, a monster capable of growing 3 heads should one get cut off.

Ruby: Berserker uses it typically on one guy, but in certain situations, the attack can devastate an entire army at once! Now that is a powerhouse!

David: But… a great legend is never without weakness… or at least some of them. In this case Berserker has some.

Images by hakuxtemari

Capable of fighting Saber to a standstill multiple times

Could face Archer/Emiya on even ground

In one bad end, one-shot Tosaka

Even Caster/Medea didn’t want to face him head-on

Killed Shinji Matou

Scared Gilgamesh

In his ending in Unlimited Codes, killed Gilgamesh

-Was bathed in so much blood it was impossible to tell if it was his or the enemys

Maxresdefault by hakuxtemari

Powerful enough attacks can kill him multiple times

Will often try to protect Illya, making him an easy target should she be targetted

Lacks major intelligence

Diana: He can still be killed despite his powerful abilities. He is not truly immortal after all and more like a video game character with 12 lives. Meanwhile his summoner and master Ilya is not as invulnerable as him.

Grjmlock: Old Gray here is still a Servant of the Berserker, you really can't expect much in terms of long term planning. Plus, if the master dies, Berserker goes too, something not even his God Hand can bring him back from.

Mecha: Despite his flaws, Berserker is certainly a Servant that stood out on the 5th Holy Grail War. In addition to fighting off the likes of Archer EMIYA and Saber, even killing them in some alternate timelines, it took someone more broken like Gilgamesh to put him down. Kratos may have killed the Greek Pantheon...but he'll be in for the fight of his life against this dangerous demi-god.

Virgil:...Well, so long as he doesn't bust

Ruby:....Should I-

Virgil: Red, it's Fate. Weirdness like this is a cakewalk.

Mecha: And cut! Thank you both, David and Diana, for your contributions to this project.

Grimlock: Me Grimlock think it just so Virgil can stare at meaty legs of blond girl.

Virgil: SOWHAYIFIWAS- I mean...yeah, great seeing ya, Di.

David: You know vn with that said I was expecting more perverted jokes.

Diana: … Thanks for the confidence and it’s no problem. We were free anyway.

David: Free from the devastation that Remi caused… but we really do look forward to what’s coming!

Greek Grudge Match Prelude (Part 2: Berserker)
Jeeeezus, almost got this out.
First off all, I would like to thank my Canadian Bro, or his immense help with the commentary when I was stuck, and for leaning his Co-hosts, Diana and David. Virgil×Diana FTW!
Thanks to for lending me the vio to Berserker.
And I give Kratos' bio credit to
Please favorite, watch, and comment about the possible victor. Please debate with some dignity, and every bit helps.

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Kratos Vs Berserker Heracles By Ssj4truntanks-db05 by redhavic

Mecha: Greek Mythology. Tales of bitter endings, adventures pitting mere mortals against vicious monsters or overwhelming obstacles , and the devious machinations of the gods above.

Virgil: And the sex. Lord knows you can't talk about Greek myths without talking about the kinky shit old Greeks were into.

Ruby: But the thing everyone can take from such legends is the great warriors in it, with fears so daring, they're considered the ancestors of modern day superheroes. Well, if superheroes were brawny men with a thing for murder, adventure and other nasty stuff.
Grimlock:....Me Grimlock not like look of bio below. Too tiresome.

Virgil: Come on, Jabberjaws, how else are we going to get throughout the month? We've already been delayed for months now, and I rather not have to rely on ramen noodles for much longer.

???: That’s right!! Instead you guys should get the express ultra delicious Rice Buns!!

An explosion happens, right beside them encompassing Grimlock. The dust was obstructing but when it disappears it reveals a counter and a blond man wearing a suit and a chef hat, and a blonde woman holding a plate of rice buns.

David: Good day to you all!! It’s been a century, how goes life?

Diana: I don’t think they remember you….

David: Ah hurtful words!! But anyway Virgil! We’re hijacking this show and turning it to an advertisement show!

Mecha:....I'm not even phased by this anymore.

Grimlock: (scoot all over)....Virgil, is it okay if I strangle your boyfriend?

Virgil: Dude, that was months ago. Sides, got a better girl.

Grimlock:...Proof. Show it.

Ruby: (blushed as she fidgets) They...are definitely together.

Grimlock:...How do you-

Ruby: It involved chocolate and a lot of skin.

Mecha:...I'm amazed a teenager like you has survived this long without going crazy.

Ruby: With my fandom? I'm used to it.

Diana: I’m sorry but I think I made sure to erase that memory completely from my mind… Basically it was a reboot.

Grimlock: How do you even-

Virgil: Dude, reboots are natural with us. Hell, I was a gun loving crazy guy, and Mechs here was an old soldier. We even had Greed here once.

Ruby: Who?

Mecha: Exactly.

David: At this rate she almost has more reboots than Superman! I think! *Knocked down onto the counter by a kick*

Diana: But in all seriousness we’re here to join since Remi crashed a ship onto our place while trying to make a play out of Dio and Sakuya’s battle.

Remi’s voice out there: I’m sorryyyyyy!

Diana: So in the meantime… We’ll be nice.

Virgil: I'll take you on that, Di baby.

Mecha: May we please get on with it?

Grimlock: Today, we out the man who practically murdered the entire Greek Pantheon versus the guy who was most well known in it… and got head bashed in by the former.

Ruby: Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta.

Mecha: And Fate’s version of Heracles, Berserker.

David: Aka the world’s best and oldest ballerina!

Diana: Who happened to be the same one from the legend who handled the twelve labours.

Virgil: Together, we take a look at their weapons, feats, abilities and skills to find out who will win-


Height: 7-8 feet
Weight: 200 lbs, most of which is pure muscle
Occupation: ... Hmm, Death (well, what else would you call a walking Apocalypse?)

Became the God of War after killing Ares
Was the first person to conquer Pandora's Temple and reach the Temple of the Sisters of Fate
Escaped the Underworld no less than four separate times
Singlehandedly slaughtered a hefty chunk of the Greek pantheon, including Zeus, Thanatos, the Fates and Furies and Gaia
His actions ultimately caused Armageddon

Mecha: Zeus, the King of Olympus, is no stranger to fathering several different children… but they humanoid or not, given his shapeshifting, really.

Virgil: Really, you can blame just about every Greek tragedy to the fact Zeus couldn’t keep it in his pants, and still be a dick about it.

Diana: Yup. So people, you understand now. Sex causes tragedy and bald men to scream out and lash in anger.

David: In that case why hasn’t there been any tragedies caused by you two yet?

Diana: One strike.

Virgil: You think those thighs are for show? She literally kicked a man's head off once.

Diana: Don’t talk about thaaat!!

David: Alright no more of those jokes. But in all seriousness, it’s pretty much because of the gods that Kratos had such a sucky life.

Ruby: This balding man was born to a mortal mother in the Greek city of Sparta, where he would be trained by the other Spartan authorities to become the next generation of warrior.

Grimlock: Through a grand career that involved stabbing things to death for glory, Kratos would have had met his end at the hands of the Barbarian King, if he didn’t call out to Ares, the God of War, who gladly helped in exchange for loyalty. But like most Greek Gods, Ares decided to be a dick, and had Kratos kill his wife and daughter in blind rage, so as to make him better warrior or something. This would later come to bite him, much like anyone else stupid enough to mess with Kratos.

Mecha: A lesson no man or god learns, it seems, given that when Kratos started to openly defy the gods, even as the God of War himself, Zeus, king of Olympus, sought to take Kratos' godly power through the Blade of Olympus, and kill Kratos before he could irreversible damage to Olympus.

Virgil: Unfortunately for the big Z, death to Kratos is like death in DBZ: he just ignores it and moves on. And after killing the Sisters of Fate to change his own fate, slaughtering every God and Greek myth he came across on his walk up to Olympus, Kratos finally gets the revenge he wanted by beating the shit out of his dad, till his face was literally painted with his blood.

Grimlock:... Normally me Grimlock would be into that… if not for fact bald albino literally dooms the planet doing so.

Ruby: Our… hero?

David: Antihero!

Diana: Definitely… I mean the guy could do some pretty douchebaggy things for no reason. I mean that’s not too bad but still.

David: Well I still see him as winning the father of the year award in his latest game.

Superhuman strength
- Held back the strength of the Titans Cronos and Atlas
- Overpowered Heracles/Hercules, the strongest man in the world, in a power struggle
- Effortlessly tossed away the Colossus of Rhodes when it tried to step on him
- ... Tends to fluctuate depending on the scenario
Insane Durability
- Has fallen from incredible heights and walked away unscathed
- Has been stabbed, burned, crushed and beaten by various monsters, heroes, gods and traps, and survived
- Has an immense resistance to attacks and magics that would kill a normal person
Superhuman Agility
- Has kept up with Hermes, Zeus, and the Gemini twins, the latter two capable of lightning-speed (around 93,000 miles per second) and chronokinesis respectively
Incredible Combatant
- Can master any weapon with just a few uses
World-Class Intellect
- Was the first to conquer Pandora's Temple, which contained puzzles that are supposedly impossible to solve
- Was able to solve the puzzles of the Labyrinth
- Bested the puzzle of the Garden of Olympus
- Often uses the environment against his foes, notable examples include:
-- Using a ship's mast to impale the head of a Hydra
-- Killing the Kraken with an extending bridge
-- During the final battle against Zeus, attacked the Heart of Gaia itself to restore his energies
-- Escaped the Prison of the Furies by prompting Megaera's anger

Mecha: To kill the vast majority of Greek Mythology, Kratos sports incredible feats of physically to compensate. As the God of Strength itself, Kratos can match the likes of thr toughest beats, from minotaurs to heaving around hydras. In terms of godly adversaries, he's pushed back against the might of both Cronos and Atlas, the former of whom is the King of the Titans, and the latter can shoulder the world upon himself. And lest we all forget what he did to Hercules.…

Ruby:... Talk about going from hero to zero, just like that.

Mecha: This isn't going to be the last time we'll be dropping Disney Hercules references, is it?

Virgil: Sometimes the most obvious choice is the most popular one.

David: That’s kinda the norm for these type of characters on being brutal. Reminds me of Remi dealing with Garou.

Diana: Of course he did lose his family in quite a heart-wrenching manner… But such is the characteristic of an anti-hero. Now moving on to physicality…. He hits hard.

David: Kinda does. I mean the guy blocked a giant fist from the Titan Cronos and Atlas. You know, Atlas, the same one who lifted the heavens? Or was it the sky? And if it’s the entire sky he kinda carries it all!

Diana: Of course that feat is hard to pin down but he really is strong.

Grimlock: His durability is nothing to sneeze at either. Surviving everything from every elemental magic blasted at him, spikes, beaten down, sliced, and plummeted from great heights. And even all that could hardly put the man down, his anger for the gods fueling his determination.

Virgil: He really is the world's most determined atheist, isn't he?

David: I’m trying to think of a pun that would work here but nothing’s coming up…

Diana: Thankfully… But he is very tenacious. But he’s also pretty fast.

Ruby: His speed, although not as impressive as mine, is certainly something when you can dodge Zeus' lightning bolts, and catch up with Hermes himself. Bet he can't  make tornados, though.

Virgil: Well with magic, he technically-

Ruby: Not by running!

Virgil:.. You'll just use any excuse to make yourself look big, won't you?

Ruby: After Season 3? I need the boost.

David: Reminds me of the time I was going to make you face Sonic…. Good times.

Diana: At least Yang got her hand back. Either way he deals with lightning, ignores being stabbed, punched, crushed, burnt, what else….. Oh right. He solves puzzles and masters any weapons he gets his hands on.

David: Can’t say he’s a real genius but he is battle smart.

Blades of Exile
- Kratos's main weapons
- Twin shortswords bound to Kratos's arms by chains
- Hook design for grappling enemies
- Good for close- to long-range combat
- Imbued with fire properties (... just 'cause?)
Blade of Artemis
- Giant two-handed scimitar
- Once used by Artemis to slay a Titan
- Slower but stronger than the Blades of Exile
Barbarian Hammer
- A heavy, spiked metal hammer originally owned by Alrik, the Barbarian King
- Slow, but incredibly powerful
- Can generate shockwaves that knock foes off-balance
- Can summon cursed souls to attack enemies
Spear of Destiny
- Dual-bladed spear imbued with the power of the Gods
- Amazing at long-range combat
- Can extend for even greater range
- Shoots exploding crystals
Arms of Sparta
- Kratos's original weapons, a spear and shield
- The most versatile of Kratos's weapons
- Stronger than the Blades of Exile
- Shield provides the best defense of Kratos's offensive arsenal
- The spear can be used as a projectile
Claws of Hades
- Hook-like chains once owned by Hades
- Can rip out an enemy's soul (although strong-willed foes can combat this)
- Can be telepathically controlled by their owner
- Enables faster dodging
Nemean Cestus
- Powerful lion-shaped gauntlets, stolen from Hercules
- Greatly increases the strength of their wielder
- Next to the Blade of Olympus and the Gauntlet of Zeus, it is Kratos's strongest weapon
-- The only weapon that can destroy Onyx
- Has the shortest range of all of Kratos's weapons
Nemesis Whip
- Triple-bladed chains crafted from the Omphalos Stone by Hephaestus
- Faster but weaker than the Blades of Exile
- Have the ability to conduct electricity
Gauntlet of Zeus
- A gigantic gauntlet once used to chain the Titans in Tartarus
- A devastating weapon that can shatter stone and iron
- Capable of killing immortal beings
Blade of Olympus
- Kratos's most powerful weapon
- Infused with the power of the God of War
- Capable of killing immortal beings
- Can fire blasts of godly energy (because why not?)

Mecha: In keeping with the cloning of the Devil May Cry system, Kratos, throughout the entire trilogy and spin offs, carries with him an assortment of weapons to get any job done. His default weapons of choice are the Blades of Exile, a pair of swords held to his arms by chains. Their range can be extended for both close and long range capabilites , the hook like feature make them able to grapple onto any surface or creature, and they're also ablaze because… actually not sure why.

Grimlock: Because who doesn't like weapons set on fire?

Virgil: Bias, much? Oh, and we're just going to focus on the more useful weapons Kratos has, because this asshole has a shit ton of them and it's not exactly fun to talk about them either. So, we're just going to talk about the useful ones of the bunch, same with magic.

David: Oh come on now, that’s the fun part about it~! Talking about every single piece of equipment that a character used! Every item that we could use that could change the tide of the battle-

Diana: That’s why we get stuck so long working on them you know… So let’s stick to the relevant ones alright? Such a pain…. Let’s see…. The next one is Blade of Artemis. A glowing blade of some sort?

David: It’s a bit slower in comparison to the Blades of Exile but it’s much stronger, having been used by Artemis to kill a Titan. Hey it kinda glows like your-

Diana: Finish that sentence and you die.

David: Okay fine, moving onto the hammer.

Virgil: Um...It's a hammer. That smashes things. Got it from some Barbarian King dude. That's it.

Grimlock:... Kinda underwhelming.

Virgil: Which is why there's like… three quick rows of lines that can explain the more noteworthy ones!

Grimlock: Wait wha-

Diana: Hang on what are you talking about there’s some stuff about shockwaves and soul-

Ruby: Like what Kratos used to kill Herc the Jerk to start with: The Nemean Cestus. Large lion faced gauntlets created from the Nemean Lion Hercules, these things hit as hard they look, breaking onyx with ease. With a chain like function inside to extend the lion heads, and a shockwave pound move, it's a brutal heavy fit for Kratos. It's also one of the strongest weapons Kratos has, aside from the Gauntlet of Zeus, a powerful gaunlet once used to chain Titans to Tartarus and the Blade of Olympus itself.

Virgil: Claws of Hades can drag out the souls of anyone and absorb them, provided thry hold no strong will to resist, plus Kratos can use them to summon various monster souls to attack with.

Mecha: Finally, the Blade of Olympus can be considered Krafos' strongest weapon. Forged by Zeus during the Great War, this divine holds the power to kill the likes of Titans and even the Gods of Olympus.  

Grimlock:...How did you-

Virgil: Past recording.

Grimlock:...That doesn't-

Virgil: Time for magic!


Poseidon's Rage
- An electric-based AOE attack
- Surrounds Kratos with a ring of electricity, and rains lightning down on surrounding enemies
Medusa's Gaze
- The head of Medusa, torn from her shoulders by Kratos
- Allows Kratos to turn foes to stone
Head of Euryale
- ... Guess.
- A more powerful version of Medusa's Gaze
Zeus's Fury
- Lets Kratos summon and throw thunderbolts
Army of Hades
- Allows Kratos to summon the souls of the dead and command them to attack his enemies
Typhon's Bane
- A bow-like magic ripped out of Typhon's eye
- Fires gusts of wind instead of arrows
Cronos's Rage
- The last dregs of Cronos's power
- Lets Kratos summon electrical spheres that electrocute and stun foes
- Can be used as mines
Atlas Quake
- A gift from the Titan Atlas
- Allows Kratos to create powerful earthquakes by punching the ground
- A powerful fire spirit that Kratos can summon to attack enemies
Light of Dawn
- Lets Kratos throw orbs of bright light at his enemies
Charon's Wrath
- A mask stolen from Charon, the Underworld's Ferryman
- Can be used to blast foes with ravenous flames
Eye of Atlantis
- Lets Kratos attack foes with fierce lightning
Scourge of Erinys
- Supposedly a power that neither mortal nor god should wield
- Summons black holes that consume nearby foes
- Drains foes of their life force and transfers it to Kratos
Horn of Boreas
- Can be used to summon icy tempests that freeze foes
Army of Sparta
- A magic linked to the Blades of Exile
- Summons a phalanx of Spartan spirits to defend him
- Also attacks nearby foes with spears and arrows
Fire of Ares
- Creates devastating fiery explosions
- Imbues weapons with fire properties
Ice of Poseidon
- Summons glaciers that freeze foes
- Freezing ability is less powerful than that of the Horn of Boreas
- Allows underwater breathing
Lightning of Zeus
- Enables powerful lightning magic
- Electrifies Kratos's weapons
Soul of Hades
- Imbues Kratos's weapons with the souls of the dead
- Allows Kratos to summon the Arms of Hades to crush foes
Thera’s Bane
- Ripped from the chest from the Titan Thera
- Greatly increases the strength of the Blades of Exile
-- Allows Kratos to pierce through and destroy otherwise indestructible armour and shields
- Plants exploding fiery cores in his foes with combo finishers

Diana: It’s such a wall…. So we only have to cover the more important aspects at least?

David: Can go by quick summaries anyway… He has numerous lightning based abilities that could rain onto his enemy or stun enemies. He can even enhance his current weapons with electricity. Guess in a way he kinda wanna badmouth Zeus or something like that? I don’t know.

Diana: He also has Medusa’s gaze. By the he carries around a decapitated head from a slain Medusa which turns people into stone. Alongside a stronger variant but that’s simple enough. An ability that summons the soul of the dead to attack the zombies. Not to mention bows that shoot out either gusts of wind or machine gun like fire arrows…. And… hang on a moment aren’t these items instead of magic???

Virgil: Nah, some are weapons that need magic. It's confusing, I know, just bare with it, Di.

Diana: No I get that part I just-gah…

Mecha: He can cause Earthquakes by stomping the ground, summon a phalanx of ghostly Spartans for defense and offense and can even summon up a black hole to drag his enemies into it, and abort their's life force as his own.

Ruby:.. Why are we suppose to like thus guy?

Grimlock: We're not. The people he's fighting are just bigger asses by comparison.

Virgil: Greek Myths, everybody.

David: It works wonders to be researched. Kratos also has ice and fire based magic and notably light based attacks that he could use to blind enemies. Then there’s Thera’s Bane.

Diana: Which really heightens his Blade of Exile Striking power to the point that he could get through indestructible shields. Wow. Even leave fiery bombs inside enemies or something. Kinda overkill but a cool move.

David: I wanna learn that move!

Amulet of Uroborus
- Holds the power of chronokinesis
- Slows down enemies
- Capable of repairing and decaying large structures
Oath Stone of Orkos
- Given to Kratos by Orkos, the Oath Keeper
- Creates a clone of its wielder
Eyes of Truth
- The actual eyes of the Oracle of Delphi, torn out by the Furies
- Can shatter illusions and magic barriers
- Hold the power of prophecy; can give their wielder visions of the future
Sun Shield
- The personal shield of Helios
- Can parry and return projectiles
Triton's Lance/Poseidon's Trident
- Allows Kratos to breathe underwater
Amulet of the Fates
- Slows down time for surrounding foes, while Kratos moves at normal speed
Golden Fleece
- A golden armlet once owned by Jason
- Can parry attacks and return enemy projectiles
- MUCH stronger than the Sun Shield
-- Can deflect the Blade of Olympus
Icarus Wings
- A 18-foot long set of wings ripped off the back of Icarus
- Allows Kratos to fly for short periods of time
Bow of Apollo
- A bow that shoots fiery arrows
- Can shoot arrows like a machine gun
- Can be charged to shoot flaming arrows
Head of Helios
- Yes, that IS literally the head of Helios
- Kratos uses it as a makeshift flashlight
- Can be charged to temporarily blind surrounding enemies
Boots of Hermes
- Winged greaves stolen from Hermes after Kratos cut his legs off
- Greatly increases Kratos's speed
- Allows Kratos to run along walls

Ruby: Oh come on, more?!

Mecha: I did tell you GoW was a DMC clone.

David: You ever played Devil May Cry Mecha?

Virgil: You know, looking at some of these items, you wouldn't find them out of place in a LoZ… except for the Head of Helios. Then again there's Redeads.

Ruby: Who uses a person's decapitated head as a flash light?!

Grimlock: Ruby-

Ruby: Yeah, yeah, I know.

David: I don’t know, it’s not as if he’s using it anymore.

Diana: …. That’s a questionable point in sanity… But as David said, hey at least he’s doing something right? Aside from being used against his own masters and allies… Welp… What a bright future…. Wait did I just say a pun?

David: Yes you did and I’m so proud of you!

Virgil: For shame, Di. For shame.

Mecha: You're one to talk.

Diana: Just stop it... In any case we can compare games and all but let’s focus a bit. Kratos can slow down time for others with Amulet of Ouroboros. He can even reverse time- wait is this Sakuya’s-

David: Who just said no comparisons to other video games?

Diana: … Touche. Anyway Eyes of Truth cancels illusions and grants future sight or rather visions. Then there’s the clone making Oath Stone which… well makes clones. Simple enough.

Grimlock: Carrying Neptune's/Poseidon's trident let's baldy swim and breathe underwater, getting Apollo’s shield let's him fling back projectiles, which is just lamer version of Golden Fleece, which can do that, plus deflect the BoO-

David: But how do you exactly deflect ghosts?


David: Come on guys… you know… boos?.... Mario?

Diana: David~ Please shut the fuck up.

David: Got it….

Virgil: He even has the Boots of Hermes to make him go fast and the wings of Icarus which let him fly… both of which he tore off from their previous owners, and confirms he's faster than Ruby still.

Ruby: (pouting face)

David: Hey attachable and detachable wings seem pretty nifty!! Imagine if you can fly!

Diana: That would be pointless. And dangerous. It’s safer to stay on the ground.

David: Is it because you boobs don’t make you streamlined and slow you down?

Virgil:.. 3, 2, 1-

Diana grabs David and-



The room was… a bit more messy compared to before.

Diana: I think we covered all of that… Let’s move on.

Virgil: We can definitely agree on that….


Zeus's Eagle

- Provides infinite energy for the Rage of Sparta

Hercules's Shoulder Guard

- Negates a third of all damage taken

Poseidon's Conch Shell

- Provides infinite mana

Daedalus's Schematics

- Provides infinite item energy

Orkos's Cloak

- Regenerates Kratos's health over time

Ruby: What are these? 

Virgil: This stuff is basically collectibles you can find near the location where you fought a god, and can give yourselves bonuses.

Ruby:.. These seem broken.

Mecha: Well, they were owned by Gods: That's the point.

Grimlock: Like Heracles’ shouldered thingy. It nulls third of all damage done.

Ruby: So taking his gauntlets wasn't bad enough, he took his shoulder pads too?!

Virgil:...You know, Kratos probably would fit right in with the 90's.

David: Considering who he’s facing I think these would fit in just fine. Of course the idea of infinite is kinda intimidating but then again that’s an amount he could use. It doesn’t mean he could keep using it repeatedly. I mean you’ve seen Fairy Tail.

Diana: Freaking nakama punch works on anything… Freaking…. That’s not how it works!

David: As salty as one can be, these abilities are slight boosters all in all. Orkos’ cloak is a nice ability to have however.


Kratos's trump card

Taps into his inner rage to greatly increase his strength, speed and defense


A last-resort power that Kratos possesses

Grants the strength to kill a god

Can only be used if Kratos absolves himself of his past sins

David: Then comes his two last powers…. Rage and hope…. That’s a bit contradictory.

Mecha: One was more his original power, usually when the man became so enraged, usually at the gods, it granted enhanced speed, strength and durability.  As for the Hope….It's basically a glorified deus ex machina. And more than likely, will probably nevertheless see the light of day here.

Diana: I don’t think Heracles count as a god anyway. But it does seem like it enhances his striking power to cut down immortals?

David: Very simple abilities but overall it might be enough to give him that boost needed for this fight.


His rage can blind him if not controlled

Despite his intellect, can make gigantic mistakes

Virgil: Weaknesses with this guy are pretty standard. If the little backstab by Zeus hadn't tipped you off, dude has serious anger issues. The guy loses his shit anytime he gets pissed… which can lead to major fuck ups.

Grimlock: Like time he kill only friend to kill Zeus… or time he killed daughter trying to kill Zeus… me Grimlock beginning to see pattern here.

Diana: Wow, that’s some keen observation you got there. No one could’ve figured it out.

David: Woah… You’re really starting to sound like Garou at this rate. Take it easy Di.

Diana: Sorry, too much of that… Anyway it’s standard. Kratos powerwise is alright, and that is his only weakness. His anger and wrath against the gods causing him to not consider his moral judgement… So it happens a lot.

David: But even then Kratos is a powerful warrior.

Ruby: But can the man who killed the entire Greek Pantheon stand against another version of historical own half brother: Heracles? Stay turned to find out!

Greek Grudge Match Prelude (Part 1: Kratos)
Given the length of the bios and the commentary, I will be placing a deviation here just so I can fill it later. Which means the prelude will be up today, though as for the fight itself...well, debatable, given procrastination 

Edit: Given how big this entire prelude is, I'm splitting it into two parts. Full info will disclosed into second part, don't worry.

Hooooly shit, that was....a thrill ride to watch.
I don't even care if it looks like Batman's Arkham series. It just oozes great game from every corner.
Allow me to list off the other relationships Genndy Tartakovsky has made before this one.


Dexter's Lab: The Agent and Monkey: Pretty sure that counts as beastiality. Or the time a teacher was in love with Dexter for his grades (but framed in a way that signifies the regular symptoms of love.)

Samurai Jack: Ikra from The Warrior Women ended being Aku in disguise. The belle in the Good, The Bad, and the Beautiful turned out to be a bounty hunter after Jack. The Fall Girl in The Four Seasons of Death...was just plain crazy, not letting Jack leave when he wanted. 

Symbiotic Titan: A human kissing a robot, to the point sparks fly.

Hotel Transylvania: (Yes, Genndy worked on thia as director. Shocker to me too.) The human and Mavis. Literally love at first sight.

Say what you will about Jashi, at least that relationship got development. Which is certainly more that can be said for his early work. Just saying.


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